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Sunil Grover's Next Appearance Will Be With Sunny Leone. Details HereSunil Grover will also be joined by actress Sunny Leone for the live commentary sessionDeepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra Voted Most Desirable Travel CompanionsMegastar Big B has topped the list of most desirable male stars winning 33.3 percent of the votes from Indian fans while Deepika has garnered more than half the votes, with as much as 53 percent of the voters wanting to embark on a trip with herVideo result for Sunny LeoneArbaaz Khan Loses His Temper When Asked About His Next Film With Salman KhanFriday, November 24, 2017At a promotional event of the upcoming film Tera Intezaar, which stars Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone, Arbaaz lost his cool with a journalist who asked him about his next project with his superstar brother Salman Khan. The actor was irritated with the question; he said he had answered this question many times in the past.

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