Throughout the film their actions impact the world around them

The Talk: Zig Zagged, in that it's a teenage daughter giving it to her mother, and then when the mother is sure the father won't be interested, the daughter points out that the man is actually dispensable. Tempting Apple: David is offered an apple by his girlfriend in a film all about a fictional town's loss of innocence. The Theme Park Version: Although Pleasantville the town might appear to be taken straight from a 1950s sitcom, sitcoms of that era were not actually that simple for the most part; references to pop culture, the outside world and even sexuality occurred on even the strictest shows. Trapped in TV Land: How the film starts. It's not necessarily how it ends, though. Umbrella of Togetherness: David gives Margaret a red umbrella which he found among theatre props she doesn't know what it is at first, but she loves it. They later share a kiss, hiding under the umbrella. The Unfair Sex: Set up as if it's going to be played straight, but takes a different path. The wife who finds another love interest is portrayed sympathetically. but so is her husband, who simply doesn't understand how she feels, and his defining moment is realizing how much he loves her. The movie ends with all three noting that they don't know how this will turn out. Weirdness Search and Rescue: The film had the TV Repairman, who instigated the Trapped in TV Land plot, and then ineffectually tried to stop the fallout from it. What Happened to the Mouse?: What happened to the old Bud and Mary Sue? You'd think that even the old Bud would come back once David leaves. When Dimensions Collide: What the protagonists' presence does to Pleasantville. Everything is excessively pleasant (as well as lacking colour, there is no rain, crime, homelessness, fire, sex or toilets). Throughout the film their actions impact the world around them and colours and concepts from the real world (like fire, sex, colour and rain) start to appear as a result. Wrap Around: Early in the film, the town's topology is such that someone going off one side of the town would end up on the other side. Year Inside, Hour Outside: A week in Pleasantville is half an hour in the real world.

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