Murder by Mistake: Jason’s rampage leads to the accidental

Headless Horseman: In the electro mechanical version of Joker Poker, a roly poly cartoon jester fills the center of the playfield, wearing a crown and with his nose as the "5X Multiplier" light. The solid state version keeps the crown and the light, but inexplicably removes his head all together. Art Shift: The jester has surprisingly detailed hands. The Magic Poker Equation: Played with; the player must assemble a Ten, two Jacks, three Queens, four Kings, and five Aces (four Aces plus a Joker). Masculine Lines, Feminine Curves: Three curvacious female jokers are featured on the backglass, while the playfield has two playing card Kings, sporting traditional angular features. No Plot? No Problem! Sexy Jester: The backglass features three playful sexy jokers courtesy of Gordon Morison. Wackyland: The jokers on the backglass are playing in a checkerboard landscape beneath a red and yellow sky.

replica handbags china Losing Your Head: Kay Em 14, justified because she's a robot. Along with Dallas during the VR session. Made of Iron: Brodski, as lampshaded by Tsunaron. He took two stabs to the torso and still had it in him to fight. Mind Screwdriver: Previous films hint at a supernatural origin for Jason's powers, but never outright say what those powers are how he got them. This film explicitly says that Jason has an advanced healing factor Wolverine the film also never explains the cause or source of that power. Ms. Fanservice: The female cast, especially Janessa, counts as this. Murder by Mistake: Jason's rampage leads to the accidental destruction of an entire space station. Musicalis Interruptus: This happens at the end of the fight between Jason and Kay Em. After she has Jason near defeat, his theme music plays each time he gets back up immediately stops when Kay Em knocks him back down. Mythology Gag: The entire 1980 Crystal Lake simulation counts as one. (See also: Call Back, Grievous Harm with a Body, Lampshade Hanging.) Nanomachines: The medical nanobots on the Grendel do a great job of fixing people up can even revive a person frozen for over four centuries. Near the end of the movie, however, they revive Jason by giving him artificial limbs, a new head, and built in body armor. Neck Lift: Jason lifts Azrael by the neck, intending to kill him. When Dallas gets Jason's attention, he drops Azrael. Neck Snap: Jason delivers one to Sven, one of the marines searching for him. Unlike most neck snaps go quick and fast takes his sweet time with this one. Kane Hodder suggested doing that on the day of shooting the scene; he thought it would be something that Jason would do. Noodle Incident: What caused the Earth to be inhabitable? And why was hockey outlawed in 2024? No Holds Barred Beatdown: Kay Em delivers one of thse to Jason. She caps it off by blowing up his head with a grenade launcher. Non Linear Sequel: Jason X (2002) takes place after Freddy vs. Jason (2003). One Winged Angel: Jason upgrades to Uber Jason. Precision F StrikeBrodski: What the hell is going on? replica handbags china

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Replica Bags Coverblowing Superpower: A mild mannered reporter knows a secret phrase which turns him into a blue whale, "the indomitable sultan of the seas!" Too bad he uses it in the middle of the newspaper's offices. Crimefighting with Cash/Signed Up for the Dental: One example features "Captain Z", who literally fights crime with cash; he offers the Big Bad's mooks higher wages, paid vacations, and a health plan, then orders them to beat up their former boss. Curb Stomp Battle: Occurs in the section on cosmic powers, where Captain Cosmic uses the power of a single eyebrow to defeat the collective forces of the Crime Kings (and obliterate the Earth in the process). Cut Himself Shaving: Heavily parodied when a sidekick explains away rope burns from a supervillain hostage situation to his teacher as him and his adoptive father "getting into some really rough stuff." Naturally, this doesn't help the situation. Disproportionate Retribution: Several examples are shown in the chapter on crimefighting motivations.''On blackest nights / on sunniest days Replica Bags.